DIY Glass Etching Tools in Tennessee

Ever done the home and craft etching using the cream process; if you liked doing and want to do more, or want to give it a try for yourself - host a demonstration party with your friends and you earn free products...launch your own business: join my Etchall of Tennessee team and become a party coordinator, or an independent etching consultant by contacting: sales@southroads.net.

​We use glass etching tools such as the etchall® swivel knife and many more!​

DIY Glass Etching

Etchall® glass etching products are re-usable and produce a white, opaque, permanent, etched finish on any clear or colored glass except Pyrex®, mirror, ceramic, porcelain, marble, or slate for decorative purposes in business, automotive, and homes. The true uniqueness is that it creates a smooth matte surface with “tooth” that provides texture to hold oil or acrylic paint or inks in place, allowing for even more creative decorating possibilities. 

Etchall® etching crème lets you easily create professional looking etched surfaces; makes the etched surface finger-print proof and produces a smooth even etch on large areas as well as small detailed areas. 

Etchall® resist gel is a water-based gel that forms a protective coating against the etching crème that enables you to create your own unique designs without using a stencil. This gel acts as a liquid stencil or resist which prevents the area from being etched. Etchall® resist gel can be squeezed directly from the bottle, brushed evenly onto the surface, or applied with designer tips. You can use etchall® resist gel on flat or curved surfaces. etchall® resist gel appears green and opaque when wet but dries clear. Drying time depends on thickness or application.

Etchall® stencil cut/pick knife is used to remove a portion of the stencil in order to expose the surface to be etched. This process is known as picking or weeding because you selectively remove sections of the stencil.  This knife can also be used to cut a stencil or remove small areas left when using the swivel knife.

Etchall® swivel knife is one of our glass etching tools which is used for cutting out your own unique stencil. The blade rotates 360º to allow for a smooth, even edge. The etchall® swivel knife makes it easy to cut curves, circles, and rounded shapes for stencil designs.

Recycle your used glass by creating elegant etched glass pieces from empty wine bottles, pickle jars, and perfume bottles. Turn your "trash to treasure" with our glass etching products and tools!

SOUTHROAD ENTERPRISES is also Distributor for the  KINKAJOU Bottle Cutter.   For Retail or Wholesale purchases contact: sales@southroads.net   

Etchall® Products - Effective: 2-1-2020 (Subject to Change)

4-oz reuseable creme               $20.99

Squeegee                                   $  3.99

Stencil Cut & Pick Knife             $  4.99

Swivel Knife                               $  8.99

KINKAJOU Bottle Cutter    $49.99                        

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